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To purchase The LSAT Trainer or your practice exams, please use the links below:
  1. The LSAT Trainer
  2. LawHub (Online PrepTests)
  3. Official PrepTests 90–92
  4. Official PrepTests 82–89
  5. Official PrepTests 72–81
  6. Official PrepTests 62–71
  7. Official PrepTests 52–61

More Information About The LSAT Trainer Study Schedules

Getting better at the LSAT is very much like getting better at playing piano, shooting jump shots, or solving algebra problems—for most students, the best way to study for the test  is by bringing together a combination of learning and practice.

I believe that The LSAT Trainer provides the very best LSAT instruction of any study resource available to students today. It also contains plenty of practice, but for maximum study success, you will want to couple the book with smart, well-organized practice problems and practice tests. And that's where these study schedules come into play.

The Trainer study schedules have been carefully designed to help you bring together your learning and practice for maximum efficiently and consequence.

The schedules include three primary types of assignments:

1. Learning from The LSAT Trainer

The Trainer is simple but also exceptionally comprehensive; it provides instruction and strategies for every single type of challenge that you might face on test day.

2. Drill Sets of Practice Problems

Again, you'll get plenty of LSAT practice in the Trainer itself—over 200 official LSAT problems as well as drills on specific micro-skills such as identifying arguments or translating conditional statements—but ideally you'll also want to supplement that with plenty of additional practice.

And one of the very best ways that you can organize that practice is in the form of drill sets of like-problems. Isolating and working through a collection of Sufficient Assumption problems or games that involve grouping and so on can help you understand and master these problems faster and better than you could by simply taking practice exam after practice exam.

The Trainer schedules have organized problems into drill sets for you, and carefully distributed your drill assignments to help you get on an effective cycle of learning and practice.

3. Full Practice Exams

Finally, you'll want to make sure to take plenty of full practice exams in order to increase your stamina and prepare yourself as best you can for the experience of test day.

Per the Trainer schedules, you will take a couple of full exams toward the beginning and middle of your prep—these are mainly for the purpose of exposing you to the test and helping you assess strengths and weaknesses—and save the majority of your practice tests to try as you get closer and closer to test day.

That's it! I hope you find these schedules to be useful to you in your studies, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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The LSAT Trainer is available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.