The online tables and the PDF break down all Logical Reasoning questions and Logic Games from Official LSAT PrepTests 29–81. Logical Reasoning questions are organized based on their question stems, and Logic Games are organized according to a rubric of defining characteristics.

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All Logical Reasoning questions, organized by question stem

Studying groups of questions that share a common question stem can help you better understand and prepare for the particular challenges these different types of questions present.

All Logic Games, organized by their characteristics

The online tables and the downloadable booklet characterize all games based on the issues discussed in the Trainer study guide: ordering, grouping, subsets, numbers issues, conditional logic, and “or” concerns.

Available as online tables and downloadable booklet

The online tables (available on desktop and tablet only) are useful for quick or specific searches. The booklet is great to have around for planning your studies and tracking which problems you’ve studied.

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